Thursday, June 17, 2010

Suzanne Brandyn - Goddess Fish Virtual Blog Tour

Tell us about your current release.

‘Heat in the Outback,’ published by Eternal Press, is a contemporary romance, set on the edge of Outback Australia.

Sarah Munro returns home for her father’s funeral. She wants to settle his affairs and return to Sydney as quickly as possible. With a lifetime of regret behind her, she doesn’t want anyone to find out what she’d done in the past, it could open old wounds. It is a story of one woman’s journey who finally realizes what she’d been searching for in her life was right before her eyes. She wants to turn back the clock and grab hold of what she had lost. But will it be too late?

Who is your favorite author?

There are many great authors, I don’t have a favourite. Nora Roberts, Stephanie Myer, Rebecca James are just a few.

Does your significant other read your stuff?

Lol. I have trouble getting him to read a blurb. But no, he doesn’t. I write for women, not for men.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?

I’m a plotter basically. I find the major plot, and then draw up characters sheets. I then write a brief summary of what is to happen in each chapter, and add sub plots. It’s direction, and I love having direction otherwise I’d wander all over the place and my characters would never reach their happy ever after. If I don’t do this, I imagine the end would never be in sight.
How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?
I don’t have a formula really. When I come up with something I feel could be a good main plot it develops from there. It’s the same with my characters. I see them in pictures, and then I draw up their profile.

What book are you reading now?

I’ve just finished reading Beautiful Malice, by Rebecca James, Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks, and I’m on the last pages of, The Barkcutters, by Nicole Alexander. I’m holding off reading the next Twilight novel, Eclipse, as I want to see the movie first.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Swim, take a walk, read, watch a good movie, visit friends, and shop. Perhaps I should have put shop first. Lol.

Tell us about your favorite restaurant.

I don’t have just one favourite. I love visiting a place called, Blue Water Bar and Restaurant. It serves the most delectable food, and sometimes has live music. Also I go to a place called the Sandbar with water views. The ambience is relaxing, the food great, and the staff wonderful.

Tell us about your favorite fan letter you have received.

It made my day. She said she wanted to get on a small aircraft and force it to make an emergency landing just so she could be stranded on the island with the hero, Michael. She fell in love with him. It was a lovely letter.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Please come and say hi to me over at my blog, or let me know if you enjoy reading ‘Heat in the Outback’ I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you Amber.

Suzanne Brandyn lives on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, the east coast of Australia. Born in the country, raised in cities, she now lives amidst the peace and quiet of a small seaside town. In the warmer months of the year, you will find her walking along the beach or sitting under the shade of a palm tree. It is here she dreams her stories and moulds her characters toward that Happily Ever After.
‘Heat in the Outback’ is Suzanne’s first book with Eternal Press; she is also published by The Wild Rose Press.

The soaring temperature in the Outback is not the only heat Sarah Munro faces when she returns home for her father’s funeral. She wants to settle his affairs, sell the family’s homestead, Munro Cattle Station, and return to Sydney, and her fiancé, as quickly as possible. Sarah doesn’t want anyone to find out what she’d done in the past. She wants to close this chapter of her life for good. Then there will never be a reason to return to this dusty one horse town. She is wrong!
Ethan Wade, her first love is at the homestead. Ethan claims he owns half of Munro Station. Sarah wants him out! As they try to settle their differences, a raging attraction ignites.
Will Sarah and Ethan find each other again as their past explodes before them?


“Red alert, red alert! Hot babe soon to materialize on Main Street.”
Almost the entire town’s population of hot-blooded males received the text message on their mobile phones. They dashed for closer observation of the strange silver convertible crawling through town.
Jack was at the bowser. Pete strummed a spanner in his hand, as his mechanic Dylan peered over his shoulder. Dan from the bakery took an admiring glimpse through his window and Sam leant on the edge of the architrave of the local real estate agent. Many more enthusiasts partook of the pleasurable sight.
Summer sun reflected off honey blonde hair, swaying in the breeze of the open top convertible.
“Sure is a hot one. Where in the hell did she come from?” Pete said, his mouth easing into a grin.
“The text message was from Bill,” Dylan stated. “Guess he’s hallin’ hay to Tamworth. Sure has city written all over her.”
The convertible disappeared, leaving mouths gaping, and eyes widening with disbelief.
“What’s everyone so hell-bent about? Looks like you’re all in overload.”
“That’s right Ethan, you wouldn’t have got one.”
“Got one what?” Ethan came to a standstill and leant on the bowser.
“A text from Bill alerting us of the major babe attack.”
“Where, what?”
“Too late; she’s already gone. You know you should invest in a mobile phone. It’ll keep you up to date.”
“Waste of time, talkin’ and textin’. I like the good old-fashioned telephone, one anchored to a wall…was the woman alone?”
“Yeah, she looked like that Sarah Munro girl. You know the one that got engaged to that actor guy, the big time model on the television. She was all polished up like one of those gals on our calendars. You wouldn’t understand, Ethan.” He let out a roar. “She gave us a smile that had our hearts stoppin’, I can tell you that.”
Ethan understood all right, more than he was willing to admit.


  1. I'm enjoying following the Virtual Tour. I find out interesting things about Suzanne. This book is definitely on my TBB list.

  2. Hi Andrea,
    There is something different in every post isn't there?

    I'm glad Heat in the Outback is on your Tbr list. I've had many adventures in the outback, in fact all over most of Australia.

    Thank you for following my tour,

    Suzanne :)