Friday, June 18, 2010

YAY! It's Friday.

One week until vacation and eight days until the second surprise party is over. Let me tell you, a few times I wanted to just tell the DH about the party. The two families are stressing me out. Some don’t respond, some are starting fights with others and the biggest issue was a gift. Now mind you I’m excited my hubby’s getting a gift he wants for his birthday, but the timing is an issue.
We planned on getting away to Block Island for three or four days during our vacation. We weren’t sure we would go to Block Island, but it was one of a few choices. We were going to leave on the 29th, his actual birthday and come back Friday. Well his parents (who by the way knew we were going away), bought Red Sox tickets. For the 30th! Ummm, hello. Maybe you could have reached out to me and asked what dates would be good. The best part was having to ask him to change our plans and not tell him why.
Yeah, that didn’t work. I go to him and said, “Honey, we have to change our plans slightly. Don’t make any plans for the 30th and I can’t tell you why.”
He turns and says, “Oh so who bought the Red Sox tickets?”
I left the room. I suck at lying. LOL
In other news I was offered a contract for book three in the Freedom Fantasies series. Play With Me.
Doing the Happy Dance over here.
I’m about 9k away from finishing Stranded. I want this puppy done by the 25th. I want to go on vacation and not think about writing.
In July I’ll start Tommy’s story. He was in Pretend With Me and deserves to have a HEA. I’m planning this to be a quickie, but we’ll see.
Come on vacation!!!!!!!
Off to babysit the darling granddaughter. Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Amber, you are so busy! I'm just amazed! Congrats on the new contract offer. Have fun on your getaway!

  2. Congrats on the contract offer. And sounds like your hubby is a smart one!

  3. Big congrats on your book contract and on your writing progress! And love the story about your husband and the tickets!

    Happy weekend!