Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation and New Review

Still enjoying the vacation. Temps were in the 90’s here yesterday. We originally planned to take the train into NYC, walk around, go to the Hard Rock Café, etc. We stepped outside and knew it was a crazy idea. Instead I took the DH to breakfast. We spent the day eating, shopping and then three hours playing volleyball in the pool. It was a fun-filled day. I can’t remember laughing that much in a very long time.
Later I took him, the two girls and the grandbaby out to dinner. Our son had a softball game with all this guy friends so he didn’t join us. Overall a great day.
Tonight we’re off to see the Red Sox. His parents bought him great seats for his birthday. Until then I have to get the house cleaned and in order for our trip tomorrow. Six hours in the car with three 13 yr olds. We must be insane!!!! LOL
On the writing front Pretend With Me, the first book in my Freedom Fantasies series, received a 4 cherry review from Whipped Cream. You can read it here

I haven’t written since Friday. My intentions were to take the entire week off from any writing. That ended today. *shakes head*
Yup, I started a new story. It’ll be a quick holiday story. I swore I wouldn’t write any holiday themed stories too. Yet this Naughty Nick wouldn’t stop talking in my ear to write his story. So this morning I began writing again. No rest for the wicked.
I have so many other ideas for stories, but Nick spoke the loudest. Demanding sucker.
Okay, off to play!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. The muse never sleeps....

    See what all that pool time did? Inspired you/woke up the muse:) Hahahahaha....

    Seriously, glad you're having a relaxing time!

  2. You just couldn't stay away, huh? LOL. Have fun in NY sweetie and with all those thirteen year olds.

  3. Wow! Busy you! The Red Sox clobbered us - it suck!
    Have fun!

  4. Congratulations on the great review!