Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sliding Home

Came out on Friday and my publisher is putting it up on all the third party vendor sites. That's cool, except I ran into a little issue this morning.

I was over at Cyberread and noticed Sliding Home was available there. I clicked on it and imagine my surprise when I discovered it was rated 94 times. Pretty damn good for a book that's only been out 5 days. WOW, I'm doing something right. LOL

I immediately realized it had to be a mistake. None of my books have been reviewed that many times...not even combined. So I start looking at the reviews.

Yikes - they're for someone named Kate Angell. Her book Sliding Home is part of a series and contains a Hero and Heroine.

Ummm, mine is M/M and not currently part of a series. Not sure how to handle this one or if it's a good or bad thing. Wouldn't want to piss people off who were expecting an installment in a M/F series.

In other news:

I bought myself the Sony Pocket eReader. I've been filling it up with my friends books for vacation. 16 more days!


  1. I'd never been to that site to see the reviews before. OMG, Sed Ex, my m/f erotic short has almost 400 reviews EXCEPT THEY'RE NOT FOR MY BOOK! There's a lot of discussion on how accurate the sex is and how you can use it to help parent your childen. OMG died howling!!! LOLOL

    Thanks for the heads up and congrats honey!

  2. Oh my gosh! You poor thing! How weird. You and Mia both!