Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Release Day to Me!

Today Sliding Home is available from Aspen Mountain Press. This is a contemporary M/M about my favorite sport - baseball.

Alex loves baseball, so when the majors come calling he is thrilled. The only thing that would make his happiness complete is a partner to share it with. Although his best friend, Rick, knows Alex is gay, he doesn't know that Alex has been in love with him for years. And with his departure for the major leagues imminent, he's not sure now is the best time to tell him.But after an evening of celebration turns into a night of pleasure, Alex is confused. Does Rick want a relationship with him? Or, will he walk out of Rick's life forever, wondering what might have been?Alex's career has hit a home run but his love for Rick is the ultimate victory. If he can figure out a way to slide into home plate, he'll do more than score.
“You’re out!” the umpire shouted.
Rick ran toward the infield, watching Alex as he ran from home plate to the pitcher. Alex lifted Pete off the ground in a bear hug.
They’d done it. They’d really done it. They’d won the game, landing them a spot in the playoffs.
Rick continued to watch his best friend. His excitement was overwhelming. Rick was excited for him too. This was his time to shine. The big leagues were already eyeing him for a spot on their roster. He was about to make the majors. It was everyone’s dream, but Alex wanted it more than anyone he’d ever met.
Alex had something to prove to himself and to his father.
“Hey man, congrats.” Rick extended his hand.
Alex accepted his hand and pulled him into a hug.
“Thanks dude. I can’t believe we did it.”
“Before long we’ll be watching you on television.” As happy as he was for his best friend it saddened him to know that they might not buddy around as much as they used to.
“I hope we see more than that of each other.” Alex slapped Rick on the ass.
Something stirred inside Rick. A feeling of warmth lingered on his ass where Alex’s hand had touched. His cock twitched to life.
What the fuck is happening?
Rick wasn’t gay. Hadn’t had a gay feeling toward his best friend since the day Alex came out of the closet. So why now? Why was his cock springing to life?
Rick rearranged his cup, trying to ease the pain of it biting his cock. He shook his head. This had to be a mistake. Yes, it’d been a few months or more since he had sex. That had to be the explanation for his manhood coming alive.
Either way, that’s what Rick was going with.
Alex jogged ahead. Rick’s gaze planted on his tight ass and his thick legs. He wondered if his thighs were rock hard when he buried himself in someone’s ass.
“What’s up, man?” Pete asked.
Rick looked at the pitcher and shook his head. “Nothing,” he muttered. “Nothing at all.”
How would he explain to Pete what was bothering him? Although Alex was out of the closet in most of his life, he wasn’t when it came to baseball. The guys just wouldn’t understand. Not when they walked around naked in the locker room. It never bothered Rick. He continued to walk around in the buff, knowing his best friend was gay. He’d never noticed Alex checking out any of their teammates so he didn’t give it another thought.
“Everyone up for a few beers at The Crossing?” Alex yelled over the noisy group.
Cheers were called out throughout the locker room.
Rick wasn’t sure he wanted to go. He didn’t like the feelings taking over his mind and body. It was probably best he go home and figure it out.
“Hey dude, ready?” Alex asked, coming up behind Rick.


  1. Congratulations Amber! Sorry I am late posting but I wanted to stop by and wish you much luck on the sales of Sliding Home. It sounds really intriguing.

  2. Happy release day Amber:) This sounds fantastic! Putting it on my TBB list:)

  3. Ok, let me go and chase down my credit card so I can buy this!

    Congrats on your new release, Amber.

    Tracey D

  4. Happy release day Amber,
    All the best with sales. It sounds enthralling.

    Suzanne :)

  5. Congrats! From one baseball/softball fan to another!