Friday, June 25, 2010

The End

I typed those two words on two manuscripts this week. Wednesday I sent one editor my cougar challenge story and today I finished Stranded. I began editing Stranded yesterday, knowing the end was near. My hopes are to have it to the new editor by Monday or Tuesday.
I’ve been suffering from migraines all week long and they’ve taken their toll on me. It’s probably the stress from trying to get two books done and finish all the preparations for the surprise party. Tomorrow is the big day…all my hard work will be over. It can’t come soon enough. I still have running to do today and in the morning. I hope the DH realizes how much I love him. LOL
Tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday. Even though we celebrated it a few weeks ago, I’ll do something small for her when she arrives.
Sunday I will crash – hard! The DH is talking about leaving Sunday night for Block Island. We’ll see.
As I’ve been saying I’ll be on vacation next week – woo hoo. Probably won’t be blogging too much. The second half of the week I’ll have limited email access too. I’ll likely leave you all with snippets of my backlist.
Until then…have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats on finishing! You deserve this vacation; have fun!

  2. Congrats. Feel better. Have fun! I hope the migraine goes bye-bye fast!

  3. So how did it go?? Was he surprised?

    Congrats on finishing TWO books! Can you tell us about Stranded? Blurb, anything. The title alone has me salivating.