Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Road Trip

I’m about to embark on a road trip with my DH. He’s my true life hero. He knows how much I hate to fly so he offered to drive with me. It’s a ten hour journey and I tend to get cranky when in the car for long periods of time, IF we get stuck in traffic. On our last trip in July what should’ve been a six hour trip turned into nine when we got stuck in NYC. It took us three hours to move two miles. I was driving and let me tell you it wasn’t pretty when we emerged. :o)
So where are we going? To RomantiCon, Ellora’s Cave conference for their readers, authors and aspiring writers. It runs from October 7th thru the 10th this year and I’m thrilled to be going. I’m armed with loads of giveaways. If you happen to be in the Richfield, OH area do stop in on Sunday for the Book Fair and say hello. I’ll have goodies during my book signing too.
As the time draws near I’m starting to grow nervous. It’s not shock that I’m a terribly shy person. I tend to be the one hiding in the corner afraid something stupid will come out of my mouth. I try to blend in the background taking in everything others are saying. I rarely offer an opinion on anything. This is where my husband comes in handy. He’s a social butterfly. He’ll strike up a conversation with just about anyone and offer his opinion whether or not you want it. (This is where I cringe) LOL
I know I’ll be surrounded by great friends like Regina Carlysle, Fran Lee, Cindy Spencer Pape and Anny Cook just to name a few.
For someone who suffers from stage freight as much as I do you’d think I was crazy to agree to host a reader based workshop with Fran Lee. I’ve thought about backing out many times, but I couldn’t do that to Fran. She’s such a wonderful person. I’m going to overcome my fears and move forward. BUT if you hear about a red-face blubbering idiot chances are it was me. LOL
I’ll be sure to take lots of pics to share with you. For those who adore the cavemen as much as me, I’ll be sure to get them too.

Until next week!

PS...don't forget I'll have few special guests so check back and show them some love.


  1. Good luck, and have fun. Your hubby and you sound like me and my hubs. I'm Mrs. Mute and he's Mr. Chit-Chat.

  2. Good luck with your workshop, I sure that you will be great! Just remember that they are there to see you!