Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Life has been hectic in our house. We’ve had guys in here replacing flooring in almost every room in the house. The two bathrooms and one bedroom are the only rooms not being touched. Part of the house is quarantined off for the next day. It’s driving me crazy and the dogs are going nuts. One of the rooms that is blocked off is where they sleep. They’re creatures of habit and can’t handle change.
Hopefully tomorrow our lives will return to normal.
On top of that I’m getting sick. I woke yesterday with a scratchy throat. It doesn’t help that the grandkids have been sick along with the DH. It’s crazy. The DH is on his fourth cold of the season. This is a man who doesn’t get sick more than once a year. I’m suffering from my own problems so I haven’t taken care of him because I can’t afford to be sick. So much for that.
The temperatures were in the 50’s yesterday. It gives me hope that Spring isn’t too far off.
Yesterday I received a rejection from Carina Press. It was a very nice rejection with the offer to submit something new in the future. It doesn’t matter that the rejection was NICE…rejection sucks! :o)
Today will be better…I just know it!


  1. rejections DO suck. Oh, well, now you can go somewhere better!!

  2. Sick sucks and rejection sucks harder!

    Take care, and hugs!

  3. Poor you! Hate rejection! Sorry you're sick - your life sounds like mine right now. Insane. No time to write. Sigh...
    Feel better, Amber!

  4. I've never heard of a nice rejection before! Hope everything settles back to normal soon.