Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I’m working on three wips. No, I should correct that. I have three wips and I’m not working on any of them.
One is my contemporary romance for my agent appointment in April. I have to make the first ten pages shine so when the agent reads it in March she’ll ask for more when we meet. :o) Hey, you have to be confident.
The other is a M/F. I’m about 3500 words into it. The third is M/M/F and that has 2500 words. Every day I open one of the wips and every day it goes untouched. It seems my muse has taken an early spring vacation. I can’t blame her. The winter is horrible.
Oh well…our house is torn apart as we get new floors. Today is the carpeting in our bedroom. I’ll have guys working here until Monday. Maybe inspiration will return. We’ll see. LOL
Happy Wednesday!


  1. A good friend told me that this happens a lot and not to worry about it. The muse will come back and everything will get done. I don't think you have to worry too much about how your work will shine in April. I'm sure the agent will be begging you to see more. :)

  2. With all that going on in your house, I don't see how you could write! But not to worry, I agree with Marie. You'll get to it soon enough.

  3. Hope your inspiration comes back! Perhaps it will depend on what the workmen look like?

  4. Hey, sweetie, you have an agent appointment - that's a big deal!

  5. your muse is probably just off, building up more creative ideas. She'll return. New carpet sounds fun. is it some cool, wonky color?

  6. I find our muse has a way of recharging and helping us focus on a particular story. Personally, it helps when I step away from the WIP and do something else I enjoy.