Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February and More #$%^ Snow

It’s February! The shortest month of the year. I’m thrilled because Spring will get here that much quicker. We’re knee deep in snow with two more storms coming today and tomorrow. Soon we won’t be able to see driving down the streets.

Today I'm over at Seven Sexy Scribes and A Pinch of Romance talking about character names and how I get them.

Last but not least, my newsletter went out today. This month I’m giving away a book from my backlist along with a $25 gift card to Victoria’s Secret, Barnes and Noble or Borders. If you’re not a member sign up below. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win!



  1. Let's go Spring. Hurry up! Sign me up to win. ;)

  2. Sign me up too!! And yes, enough with the snow and cold and ice and.....just enough already.

  3. Crapola! Our flights were canceled so we have to postpone our trip! @#$%& snow!!!

  4. Happy February! I love it for Mardi Gras & My Birthday LOL! So please count me In!

    total3itch@yahoo.com ;)

  5. Hey Amber-- check out Jaime's post on Noodles:


    It will crack you up! I did a link on my blog to this just now. I should be writing.