Friday, February 25, 2011

First Round Edits Are Done

Whew! They were intense, but I must admit my editor had some great suggestions and I feel the story is MUCH stronger. I’m not sure what round two will bring but I’m sure they won’t be as intense. LOL
Not only are edits complete for now – it’s Friday. My kids are all in NY for the weekend for a family event so I get the house and DH to myself. Woo Hoo. We don’t get that often. Not sure what we’ll do but it doesn’t matter. It will be quiet in the house.
I want to give a big shout out to Katalina Leon who gave me some brilliant ideas to move Chasing Forever forward. This story was rejected – with a revision letter. I’ve been mulling it around for a few weeks, bouncing ideas off Kat. She made it all come together. It’s nice to have someone who lives on the West coast and knows a thing or two about surfing. :o) Love ya Kat!
I can’t wait to go back to writing this story.
Happy Friday!


  1. All stories need edits and many need revisions. Editors have a good eye for things that will make a story stronger. And so good to have writer friends to bounce ideas off of. I finally figured out where to begin my current WIP and that's after 30K pages. I know the story and have the ending just couldn't figure out the best place to start.%$@#@! LOL

  2. Have a VERY nice weekend! Everyone needs someone to bounce ideas off. I'm sure that the edits made the story stronger. ;)

  3. YAY, Kat! And congrats on the first round of edits. I kinda like it when an editor goes through more edit rounds with me than just one or two; it's amazing how much better the story gets the more it's polished (okay, was the the most obvious statement of the day or what?!).

  4. Having friends who provide input is FABULOUS:)

    BTW....Northern IN was socked with snow last night. We only got rain, but I thought I'd warn's hoping you only get the rain, and it makes it a cozy weekend to stay inside:)

  5. Amber helps me so much! I've discovered writing is a team sport, I need objective author friends and an editor to do it!
    I loved the ideas behind Chasing Forever, and I really questioned the rejection... however all the extras you are adding will make this a very exciting, rich story and that's always worth the extra effort.
    Enjoy the peace!
    XXOO Kat

  6. Way to go, Amber - and I'm glad Kat could help! She lives very close to surfer heaven!