Saturday, February 5, 2011

Writer Time

Every Saturday of a writer’s meeting I contemplate whether or not to go. In fact I must say I’m not going frequently because this morning the DH said, “You say that every month. Go you always have fun.” LOL
It doesn’t take a lot of effort to go. It’s a 30 min drive. It’s only once a month and I get to hang out with lots of great writers. So what’s the issue? I always feel guilty. The DH doesn’t take time out to do a “his” thing. His thing is always spending time with me. I love him dearly, but I wish he had “a thing”. You know, something to take him out of the house for a few hours – at least once a month. Instead he wants to go places and do things with me.
As I was considering not going today I realized – it’s the only sanity I have right now. The house is overrun with children – adult, teenaged, toddler and babies. If I don’t escape I’ll go insane. Besides I want to go to the retreat for some suggestions on a contemporary romance I’m going to pitch to an agent in April. These are the ladies who will help.
So I’ll get ready and head out and by the time I come home I’ll be so high on excitement I’ll be ready to get back to my WIP. :o)

A side note from my post yesterday. While I don't have any teams playing in the Super Bowl I forgot about the commericals. I LUV the commericals. I still crack up from the one a few years ago Rock Paper Ssissors. With my short term memory I can't remember if it was for Bud or Pepsi, but I can't help but laugh when the guy threw the rock and knocked the other guy out. Priceless.
So yes, I'll be watching looking for a new commerical to love.


  1. I totally understand how you feel. My husband used to have "things", a lot of "things" but now not so much. So I feel guilty leaving on a day when we usually spend time together. But as I get older, I realize that I have to have my own "thing" for my own sanity. So despite my guilt, I will see you there!

  2. Hi you! Your husband is right - I hope you went! My house is like this at times, but most of the time I'm escaping to my house, not away from it!

  3. Me too! I saw that aol had a link to watch just the commercials. I was sad to see that many were the same as last year, or just not as clever. But, I still love me some Betty White fun.