Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Fun

Congrats to all the Green Bay Packer fans on the Super Bowl win. The DH, youngest daughter and I watched the game. Well, said daughter crashed during halftime and I didn’t make it through the 4th quarter. It was funny I kept telling the DH to fast forward through the game so I could see the commercials. LOL
I enjoyed the Coke Cola with the Dragon, the Darth Vader and the Doritos one where the guy licks the other guy’s fingers. The halftime show was a big disappointment. I’m not a huge Black Eyed Peas fan, but they have a few good songs. You could barely here any of the band singing except Will I Am. No big deal for me. :o)
We did have some yummy food though. After pigging out I settled on the recliner and well…sleep took over.
I had an extremely busy weekend. I made it to the writer’s meeting, but got a call that I had to work. So I had to skip the retreat and head home. From 3-midnight I was stuck on a conference call. YUCK!
Sunday I went grocery shopping while the DH and youngest went to the Pet Show. They brought home lots of goodies for the dogs. L, got her picture taken with a rather large BOA wrapped around her. *shudder* I give her credit. I wouldn’t have done it.
Today it’s back to the daily grind. I learned a few things about doing my taxes this year. Last year my accountant set me up as a business. I thought I had all my paperwork in order and the way she’d want it, until I attended Saturday’s workshop. Today I’ll be fixing said paperwork.


  1. We did get some good tips on taxes this Saturday. So if I ever get a contract and make money, I'll be all set. It really stinks that you had to work on Saturday so late but it sounds like you had some fun family time. ;)

  2. I enjoyed the same did you notice the promo for what looked like a steampunk movie with Harrison Ford? Cowboys vs. Aliens?
    Sorry you had to work.

  3. Setting up as a business is a great idea for writers. After all that is what we are!

  4. GO PACK GO! We had a super bowl party at our house. My fav commercials were the Doritos and Darth Vader. I think I missed the Coca Cola com. Black Eyed Peas never do their best live, IMO. Good luck on the paperwork.